WINDERMERE, Fla.June 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ARMSRx Pharmacy Benefit Consultants, a nationally recognized, independent pharmacy benefit consulting firm has expanded their ARMSRx Intellect advanced analytic platform to include RapidBIDRx– an automated Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) RFP and Bidding tool.

“Maximize client savings with this single tool that identifies the best PBM pricing contract for clients in seconds – the fastest in the industry!” – Jennifer Wilson, CEO

RapidBIDRx’s automated process will save clients time and improve results generating high quality RFPs that are analyzed more efficiently and expeditiously. RapidBIDRx, combined with the knowledge of ARMSRx consulting experts streamlines the process to analyze and address critically important RFP criteria and assist on-going with transition and management.

RapidBIDRx performs the advanced analysis that compares the best pricing, savings, and overall value proposition. The RFP has a customizable proposal that automatically produces the desired output of the various pricing methodologies and clinical programs available in the marketplace.

The end result of automation and advanced Rx analysis is client savings and improved contract terms.

To learn more about this powerful and improved industry process, please contact us at:

ARMSRx Pharmacy Benefit Consultants or 407-909-8004

ARMSRx Pharmacy Benefit Consultants is a pharmacy benefit consulting firm (not a pharmacy benefit manager) that specializes in saving third-party administrators, employers and health plans money on their pharmacy expenditures. ARMSRx Pharmacy Benefit Consultants has a vested interest in your success and our mission is to align the PBM’s business objectives with the payors benefit goals.

ARMSRx Intellect is a distinctive pharmacy benefit consulting engine that is at the forefront of technology, bringing improved efficiencies and outcomes to clients. The ARMSRx Intellect engine delivers meaningful information and actionable alerts that have an immediate impact on prescription drug costs. Comprehensive prescription utilization reporting, analysis, and alerting through the ARMSRx Intellect platform provides clients with insights for better future management.