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RFP Management

ARMSRx RFP management services are all-inclusive and involve the client at every step of the process allowing for control and direction as required by the client.

ARMSRx assists in the development and preparation of the Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) Request for Proposal to create a document that is all-encompassing and serves the client’s specific needs.  As a part of developing the RFP we’ll discuss evaluation criteria and negotiation strategies.  Once proposals are received, ARMSRx will analyze proposals using the evaluation criteria, compile the information and provide documented analysis of each vendor’s response.  This will include each of the finalists’ responses as well as financial evaluations of proposed costs/savings.

ARMSRX will develop appropriate comparison information (rates, trends, etc.) for use in negotiations.

ARMSRx will continue to work with and support the client throughout the term of the agreement to monitor performance guarantees, update contractual provisions and be available to troubleshoot daily problems.