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Associations and Coalitions

ARMSRx has been very successful in building, implementing and managing PBM solutions that our client associations provide as a value added offer. The leveraged options have shown substantial savings for members, while increasing sales opportunities and additional revenue streams for the association or coalition.

Prior to market introduction, ARMSRx fully supports the association or coalition in preparing a name, market identity, and strategic marketing plan to introduce the new private label PBM solution. Sales education including materials, Power Point presentations and personal introductions is paramount to the success of the new program. Our efforts have contributed significantly to the growth and understanding of the pharmacy program being introduced.

Once operational, ARMSRx continues support on many levels.

Sales Process:

  • Savings Analysis:
  • Proposals
  • Request For Proposal completion
  • Market education and awareness

Account Management:

  • Quarterly and annual reviews
  • Reporting
  • Issue escalation
  • Clinical and administrative program strategy
  • Plan design
  • Performance Guarantees

Data and Analytics:

  • Standard and ad hoc reporting
  • Modeling – benefits, clinical and administrative programs
  • Achieved and Guaranteed Discounts
  • Rebates
  • Reconciliations and audits
  • Claim reviews

Vendor Management:

  • Rate re-negotiation/refresh
  • Terms and provisions re-negotiation
  • Issue resolution
  • Unique program to meet client needs